‘Thinking Outside the Box’

July 2, 2018

The ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ farm tour series spotlights farms doing things differently. Whether it’s reducing inputs and focusing on soil health in row crops; bringing diversification back to the farm; or exploring marketing opportunities that add value and allow the farmer to enhance market returns on their investment, you’ll be inspired to see new options.

IOWA BUS TOUR | July 16-17 |  $100 or $50 for KFU members, covering meals, lodging, bus
Visit 3 farms with decades of experience leading the way in innovative production and marketing strategies. More info and tickets: https://goo.gl/QU4eEP
FARM SWEET FARM Ron Rosmann’s 700-acre farm is known for its diversification, direct marketing, and research & experimentation. Certified organic since 1994, they raise corn, soy, small grains, popcorn, hay, pasture, cover crops; cattle and hogs and run an on farm store marketing directly to consumers.
NEES FARM David Nees’ family farms 950 crop acres of row crops and alfalfa which have been certified organic for 34 years. Ron is known for his great weed control, his ability to creatively use modern equipment efficiently in an organic operation, and for his decades long focus on developing healthy soils.
ROLLING ACRES FARM Denise O’Brien and Larry Harris have been involved with organic production and cultivating local food since 1976. They raise every vegetable from Asia greens to zucchini, as well fruits, herbs, flowers, and poultry marketed through their CSA. In 2014, they added a moveable high tunnel.
FARMALL-Land USA 26,500 square foot museum featuring 150 IH full-size, pedal, and toy tractors, artist’s prints, and other memorabilia.

NORTH CENTRAL KS FARM TOUR | July 30 | $10 for lunch
Visit 6 farms producing & marketing directly to consumers. From the Farm to the Fork! More info and tickets: https://goo.gl/vp8jU1
Dale Strickler Grazing Operation Cattle, Grass and Forages for Grazing, S of Courtland
Depot Market Specialty Crop Grower and Retail Market, N of Courtland
C & C High Tunnel Farms Specialty Crop Grower with CSA and Retail marketing, Scandia
Scandia CSA Retail Store Offering locally-grown food, as fresh as it can be, Scandia
Polansky Seed Commercial Seed Business, Belleville
Nebraska Shrimp Company Indoor Shrimp Operation, Carleton Nebraska

Additional tour information & registration:
Questions? Call: Mercedes 785.840.6202
Donn 785.770.0336 or Mary 785.562.8726