August 1, 2020

August 1 is a GREAT DAY to hire new Farmers Union Midwest Agency team members.

I present the evidence.
Exhibit #1 & #2: On August 1, 1992 Lillian Fritch in Beatrice NE and Vicky Elliott in Tekamah NE began their careers. Tomorrow we celebrate with them 28 YEARS! (each)!
Exhibit #3: On August 1, 2006 Clayton Schmitz in Maywood NE began his career, and 14 YEARS later he is still holding down the fort on Commercial Street!
Exhibit #4: On August 1, 2012 Sandy Johnson brought her skills and took over the charge running our Lincoln NE headquarters office. 8 YEARS!
Exhibit #5: On August 1, 2015 Yvonne Guy in Topeka KS began her career of taking care of the insurance needs of the residents and businesses in Topeka, and 5 YEARS later is still following her mission!

Based on the collective evidence of 83 YEARS of Quality Service these 5 individuals have provided to their Customers, and to their Communities,