Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2021
To all of our agents, staff and of course to all of our customers! A message from Jeff Downing, General Manager of Farmers Union Midwest Agency.
“We have a lot to be thankful for… family, friends, freedom, unlimited potential in life and happiness, and I think it’s worth mentioning… “Midwest Values”! Not everyone appreciates their neighbors, community, citizens or the easy access to a country road like we do. Not everyone is willing to stop and assist with a flat tire, help attend to someone off the road, push a car from a snowy embankment or simply show up to work every day because their co-workers depend on them to do so! Our Midwest Values contribute to our work ethic, our business values, our appreciation of others and our friendly attitudes! Be Thankful for these things when you are counting your blessings and have a safe and wonderful holiday!”
Jeffrey L Downing, CIC LUTCF
General Manager
Farmers Union Midwest Agency
Midwest Agency, LLP