May 1 is a Big Day!

April 30, 2020

May 1 is a Big Date on the Midwest Regional Agency calendar. That is the date that 5 of our current team members joined MRA and began their careers.

So join us in celebration of: Tameka Burcham in Lincoln NE who started on 5-1-2006, Renee Bartlett in Beatrice NE who started on 5-1-2014, Jeff Cady in Marion KS who started on 5-1-2015, Kevin Harrington in Lincoln NE who began on 5-1-2017 and Jack Olson in Bassett NE who began his career on 5-1-2018.


So collectively we celebrate the 30 years of Quality Service to our customers, to our communities and to the entire Midwest Regional Agency team! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!