Our Hometown Maywood Nebraska

April 5, 2022
The next Hometown we would like to feature in the Our Hometown series is Maywood Nebraska!
Maywood is located in the southwest part of Nebraska in Frontier County. Wikipedia tells us that the town got its name from the daughter of the original townsite owner. “Maywood was founded in the 1880s. It was named for May Woods, the daughter of Israel Woods, the original owner of the town site.”
The beautiful country of the area of Frontier County and the surrounding area has everything from irrigated farmland to steep canyons and rough country and even has a resident population of wild Elk that roam those hills!
Someone else who roams the area is our very own Clayton Schmitz!
Clayton has been taking care of the insurance needs of the people and ranchers and farmers of the area for almost 16 years now, and you can find him right in the heart of downtown Maywood at 114 N. Commercial St.  So, stop by the office or send Clayton a note and say Thank You for his service to the community! His phone is 308-362-4675 or by email he can be reached at cschmitzmidwest@gmail.com.
Thank you, Maywood and Frontier County, for your support and business. We do very much appreciate serving you!