Our Hometown

December 11, 2021
The next community in the “Our Hometown” series is Lincoln Nebraska!
Lincoln is the capital city of the state of Nebraska and the county seat of Lancaster County. The city has a population of 291,082 and it is the second-most populous city in Nebraska.
The city was founded in 1856 as the village of Lancaster on the wild salt marshes of what was to become Lancaster County. Renamed after President Abraham Lincoln, it became Nebraska’s state capital in 1869. The Bertram G. Goodhue–designed state capitol building was completed in 1932 and is the second tallest capitol in the United States. As the city is the seat of government for the state of Nebraska, the state and the United States government are major employers. The University of Nebraska was founded in Lincoln in 1869. The university is the largest in Nebraska with 26,079 students enrolled.
Lincoln is also the location of our Farmers Union Midwest Agency headquarters. Located at 8251 Northwoods Drive in the rapidly growing northeast section of Lincoln. Taking care of our 2-state agency force and customer base in Lincoln is Sandy Johnson, Agency Manager, Tameka Burcham and Wendy Johnson, along with our General Manager Jeff Downing. Our Nebraska field manager, Kevin Herrold along with our Financial Services team of Kevin Harrington, Jennifer Larabee and Grace Olson all call Lincoln home as well and work out of our home office.
Lincoln is also home to 3 of our professional insurance agents, Mark Kavan, Trista Williams and Lavelle McFarland. To contact them go to www.fumainsurance.com and click on Find an Agent for more details.
We are proud to call Lincoln “Our Hometown”!